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So i finished this game. I am going to be giving my list of pros and cons for this game. It took a long time and while it wasn't the best game, it could have had potential. However, i want to explain my reasoning for why and why not i didn't like this game. 

Pros: (not many)

-Decus- This dude was the only redeeming thing about this game. His actions and everything about him made him really the only good villian. Next to Ritcher. I loved him so much that every time he came onto the screen i just started laughing. So yes, he was a good character. 

Ritcher-I thought he was a really interesting character. I was not expecting the turn of events involving the Vanguard when it came to him. He made me smile. He was a really cool character.

Monsters fighting along side you-I felt like a pokemon trainer. Only I was fighting alongside them. The monsters were really cool. 

Tenebre-Seriously, best animal in the game. He was so quirky and man I loved him so much. I wanted to hug him. He's no corrine but his interacitons with everyone made me smile. 

Skits-The skits were good. Some of them were really entertaining and touching. I Loved the Paw Pad Society one the best.  


*where do i begin with this oh right. I know*

Emil- (aka protaginist) OMG! Where do I begin with this little whiner? I hated him. I was hoping to like him like i did when i first started playing the original. And what do I get? A whiny pushover. Ugh, he bothered me so much. The only good thing about him was when he went into ratatosk mode. But even when that happened he went from whiny bitch to humongous asshat. He bothered me too much to really like the game. (could go on a whole rant on him but will save you all the details)

The Aster Twist-I feel like this was added just so the game could have a real conflict that didn't involve Lloyd becoming a bad guy. It was just really confusing. I feel like it was added just for me to feel something for Emil and all that. 

-Kratos!! Why wasn't he mentioned! I mean i know he wasn't in the game because of the events of the prequel but come on. Lloyd could have at least mentioned that he had two dads. I wanted to at least know about him. 

-Lloyd:My biggest problem in this game besides Emil lies with Lloyd. I do not understand why the heck they did that to his character. It seems like the authors wanted us to forget everything about his old character. Not to mention the voice actors. I really didn't like what they did with him. 

Boss Fights-It was really hard to tell which fights you could win and which ones you could lose and be ok. It was very cheap. Especially when it came to fighting Ritcher at certain points, or Lloyd. It was meh!! 

Graphics= Ok to be fair, this was first on the wii. But the question is why?! Why was this meant for the wii? Just put in on the Ps or gamecube like the other one was. I would have liked it better with those graphics. The characters looked funky. 

Luin-Everyone in Luin at the beginning were the biggest bunch of pricks ever. So Emil didn't support Lloyd. I didn't blame him after what he thought he saw. But everyone was like "oh shun the non-believer." though the biggest jerks were Aunt Flora and The Uncle. They just made me angry! I wanted to punch them. 

Overall, the game to me wasn't bad. Especially since I got the true ending. I just think that it could have been better if it wasn't attached to the Symphonia name. It didn't need a sequel. I am not planning on playing it again. But did i hate it? Some parts. Did I like it? Well, it was ok. Just not enough for me to play it again. 

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