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Current Residence: Shadow land
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Favourite style of art: Shadow
Operating System: computer that looks like Shadow?
MP3 player of choice: Cd player with shadow ears????
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Favourite cartoon character: shadow
:iconkhwhitelion: told me to do it and i got inspired. Bare in mind some of these are crossovers but i don't care. Most of them are in fact possible cannon 

-Hinata (spoiler warning)

Reason: Do I really need a reason for these two to be together? They are so freaking cute! Hinata is so adorable in the academy days and always supports Naruto ever since the beginning when no one else but Iruka supported him. And then in Shippuden, she finally confessed and naruto went crazy because she almost died. I supported them more and more. It's not the best reason but I think that Hinata is the perfect girl for Naruto, think about it. If Naruto ever did become hokage and went with Sakura, if he made one single mistake, Sakura would beat the crap out of him. She would do the job and he wouldn't be able to do anything. Hinata at least would try to help naruto make up the mistake and support him no matter what. 

That's it. 
Reason: I always thought that these two would be together. I dont' care how much of a dick sasuke became. I still supported them. Sakura would do anything for him, and Sasuke made sure that she wouldn't get hurt when he left the village for Orochimaru. In my eyes he cared for Sakura enough that he didn't want her to get hurt. Sure in Shippuden their relationship gets...well it isn't as good (then again i don't know if it improves since i stopped reading it) but I want them together. 


Reason: Freaking adorableness! Chouji has always treated ino with respect and cares for her enough to protect her, and even when she calls him fat, he takes it as a way to make himself stronger. Ino was the one who came to visit him when he got into a fight with Orochimaru's minion and the look on her face when she found out he wasn't going to die was just so *squeals* And in Shippuden, their relationship grows. You can see that Ino really does care for her teammates and holds a big place in her heart for Chouji. 

-yes. That's it. 

Reason: FREAKING NARUTO OTP! Lee is so supportive of Tenten, it isn't even funny. He was the one who caught her when Temari threw her unconscious body in the arena (bare in mind almost on all the weapons tenten had dropped.) Plus Neji doesn't really seem the type to settle down with Tenten, he's really too serious. (not because i pair him with Miyuki what?) Anyways, I think that Tenten is kind of like the "calm" influence that Lee needs. 

Persona 4


Reasons: This pairing! They are like the "married couple" they fight all the time in their own silly way but its still adorable to see them when they really do care for each other. When Chie is facing her shadow, Yosuke is the one to dive and protect her only to get hurt in the process. Plus he might be a goofball but Chie is really serious so it is like the perfect balance. 


Reason: *cough* Now this one is a bit harder to explain without getting spoilers. So I am just going to say taht they are freaking adorable! The cutest awkward couple ever! :D 

My Little Pony: 

Daring Do
-yes let the stares come. 

Reasons: I think that Discord could be the chaotic means that could make Daring Do's life much more exciting. Daring Do as serious as she is, needs a little fun in her life. Low and behold. Discord could make her learn to have a little fun, and well...adventures with chaos!! (been wanting to think up a child for DaringCord or Disdoo but not sure how)


Jack Frost:

Reasons: I used to ship Jack with Merida but not anymore. These two are adorable together! So much angst and feels. To me, Jack is Elsa's hope when she first discovers her powers and she can realize she is not alone in the world. He would support her and help her out no matter what the situation. He would really understand her pain of being alone all time, since he has as well. 


Reasons: This! This couple! all the feels for it! They are so cute together. They are like Sugar and spice. Bunny is like that protective boyfriend type of guy and would support her no matter the problem. Plus there's that deleted scene before sandy's funeral that has a huge sweettooth moment. 

-more to come maybe-

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