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Frosted Glass [x-mas gift part 2 for khwhitelion]
Frosted Glass
Excitement filled the halls of North's place. Why wouldn't there be? After all, it was the new day after Christmas. Children would believe in Santa another year. It was just what any one of the guardians could ask for. The yetis were finishing hanging up decorations, and the elves were hanging around the cookies hoping to get a few without North seeing.
Jack had never been to such a fun party before; even Bunny had gotten along with him for once. Everything seemed to be going perfectly. But there were hestitant thoughts in the back of the young spirit's mind, as his eyes kept glancing back to a small closet where he had hidden a present.
"Oh, look who is under Mistletoe!" North's voice caught Jack out of his thoughts as his blue orbs glanced over to see Bunny and Tooth standing right under what was indeed mistletoe.
"Alright, you go Cottontail!" the boy snickered.
Tooth, even though it was almost impossible to tell was blushing bright red and it was clear that Bunny was j
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Darkness and Light [Art Trade: With supercoolkid6]
I am a monster
A monster of moonlight
No one could ever imagine
My darkness is hidden
Hidden behind a mask
A mask of the morning day
Others, always look the other way
Never to understand, what lies within
A being of night
Living on the light of the moon
Only to regret the next time it comes up
Day and day out
I become a monster
A creature of the night
No one can win in a fight
Not even myself
The mirror shows me as I see myself  
But what lies behind
Is that one big lie
When I become something I am not
I am as I said
I am a monster
A creature of the night
Waiting for the time I can see the sunlight
And become my true self
And push the demons back inside
To push that darkness back into my mind
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In the Queen's Interest Work in Progress
It was in fact a huge party. Better than the ones Rex had been to before the meteor shower. He didn't really want to be here though. It was the one time in the year that he hated.
Of course, he was sure that he wasn't the only one that didn't like it.  However, there were some that were willing to have one day of peace.  Pushing his way out of the castle halls, Rex found himself in the gardens.
A group of skilled violinists were playing and there were several people dancing. It was an uncomfortable feeling to see vampires and werewolves mingling without fighting. Even the fairies were trying to remain peaceful by having or trying to have decent conversations with others.
The boy sighed before taking a seat at a table meant for two. Clicking his tongue with annoyance, he watched the people and listened to the music.
"Well, well I never expected you to be here." A cool calm voice startled him.
Turning, Rex flinched. The demon pressure he was feeling was stronger and d
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Lord of the Moons chapter 1
Chapter 1,
The Midnight Sighting
It was hot and smoking , the screams of people filled Mira's ears. A hand gripped her wrist and tugged her along through what looked like a burning house. Broken glass filled the floor as the flames licked through the house.
"Mother, Father!" a cry came from a young black-haired girl.
"Hurry Miss, we must get out of here." The figure pulling her away from the house said.
"Mother! Father!" the voice of the girl echoed through Mira's ears.
Mira Ann awoke with a start from her bed. Burning hot sweat dripped onto her hands from her forehead. Glancing around the room, she realized that the once burning house had been replaced with a small comfortable room. Glancing down, on the pink sheet of her bed, a tiny fox kit was curled up in a ball, snoring gently. Mira slowly stood up arising out of bed. That dream, she could recall every thing. Every detail of the house and every facial detail of the people, from their frightened eyes to their fancy clothes. Yet, Mi
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Lord of the Moons prologue
Lord of the Moons
There have been many tales told throughout Dreamer's Hollow. Tales of bold heroes that fought for truth and for freedom, tales of demons and angels fighting for their right to either rule human kind or to protect them. However, the most known is the tale of The Lord of the Moons. This tale is told around the campfire and often demanded by the young children. It is of a mysterious stranger that saved the Magical World from an evil enchantress. They called him Lord of the Moons, for on his chest was the birthmark of a crescent moon.
The evil enchantress was known as Reina, she challenged him to a battle for the freedom and rule of all magical beings. The battle lasted for three days, causing mountains to crumble, the skies to shake and stars to fall, and the seas to thrash in a giant storm. Finally on the third day, the mysterious stranger sealed the enchantress away in the cave within Demon Blood Mountain before vanishing from the world.
Now, the story is tol
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Moogel-Special Someone-gift
Somebody Special
A young blonde haired teenage girl sat on a lunch table with her notebook open. She didn't have many friends, so she normally sat alone at lunch. However, it was long after school and young Angel felt lonely. Her blue grey eyes were filled with sadness, but she refused to let the tears fall. After all, she was a tough girl and tough girls did not cry. Especially over a boy. No, not like that.  
"Hey Angie!" a voice interrupted her thoughts. She turned her gaze from her notebook to a fit  dark brown-haired boy. Mooch. One of her closets friends, despite how different they were.
"Hey Mooch." The girl said with a smile. Angie, was his nickname for her real name Angel.  The boy crossed his arms over his chest.
"What's wrong?" he asked. "Don't lie to me!"
Angel sighed and shook her head with a smile. Was she that easy to read? Surely not.  Then again, only Mooch could be able to read her.
"It's Scamp…" she muttered. "He used me!"
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DWOW: The Snapping Line
The Snapping line
The sun shone down on the pridelands as Patch walked out of his tent. The tent was starting to feel lonely, there was a space missing. It had been at least two days after Penny's death and yet Patch could still smell her, he could almost feel her, see her spirit.
It was enough to make anyone go insane. Everyone was still devastated about the young pup's death. Yet others were striving to get stronger.
"Hey Patchy-boy, want to train?" Mooch asked walking up. "You, Me, Pepper, Dipstick and Scamp?"
"Training?" Patch asked a bit confused. He glanced back at the tent, almost thinking that perhaps Penny was still there
"it could help get your mind off it." Mooch said nudging him. "unless you're scared to take on me!"
Patch smiled a tiny smile. Leave it to Mooch to try to get a challenge, even after a big event like Penny's death and mooch was striving to get stronger as well. Even Becca wanted to get stronger. "fine." He said.
Mooch nodded and they walked to where the other
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XSC: Betrayal at Dawn
Betrayal at Dawn
A Xiaolin Showdown Clash fanfiction
Dawn silently made her way through the Citadel, she knew that if anything Chase was going to be angry and that was more scarier than his cats. Dawn hoped that Wuya or anyone else, was not around. It would almost be lucky if she had gone unnoticed through her silence. Too bad for her, she was not exactly the luckiest person on the Heylin side.
"Are you going to tell me what you were doing?" Chase asked from his spot.
Dawn turned to face him. She was not about to show fear to him. Sure he was scary but she was not about to let him get pleasure of having him know that. "What do you mean?" she asked.
"I think you know what I mean Dawn…" he smirked. "What happened during the battle?"
Dawn's twitching smile instantly became a frown. So, he knew. He always did, it was no surprise to her. Her life was his now, he knew everything that happened with her. Every battle, every thought. It was not as bad if she could have one thing to keep to
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Sasuke's quest chapter 5
Chapter 5
Left in a cage
Sasuke had been gone from quite sometime causing Keruberosu to go out and look for him. Why was he taking so long? It didn't make any sense. It wouldn't or shouldn't have taken that long to get fire wood.
"Sasuke!" he called. "Where are you?"
He noticed that around the house there was a sign of a fight, he noticed a note nailed to one of the trees by a kunai. Keruberosu walked over to it and took it out. He read it over and gave a scream of rage. The note read "We have your grandson, if you want to see him again in one piece You will not interfere with our attack on the village."
Keruberosu growled in anger. He would have gone after them but he had no idea where the bandit's hideout was. To make things worse they had Sasuke as a hostage. How could he handle that?
"I will make them pay!" he said with a snarl.
Meanwhile, at the bandits' hideout, Sasuke lay in a stone hard cage. The bandits had hung it over the ocean it was being held up by a crane. Any wrong move
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Scream-Coraline and Astrid
Scream (a former Road to Gold Story)
"Mom, Dad!" Coraline awoke from her sleep with a jolt. Sweat dripped down her face. She quickly wiped her forehead and looked around.
On the boat luckily, no one had come to check up on her. She and Astrid shared a room and that was about it. Tulio and Miguel were first mates to Sinbad, their captain. They were on their way to find the City of Gold
Keith, aka the cat was asleep above her. Obviously her screams did not even wake him up. The blue haired girl could only hope the same for Astrid. Quietly she got out of her small bed and looked over across the room. Astrid, was not in her bed
"I hope I didn't wake her up." Coraline said out loud. It was too late to go back to bed. She was still wide awake, she got on her slippers and walked onto the deck of the boat.
The moon was shining down and the city they had stopped in was quiet. Sinbad had gotten rooms at an inn but Coraline and Astrid were told to stay with the boat.
Astrid had thought this was b
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Rolly X Danielle x-mas gift
Doggy Date
Rolly Darling walked down through the park looking for something to do…or more to eat. He was always hungry, and right now he really needed to eat. His siblings did not understand how one puppy could eat as much as he did. However, he did not care what they thought. He was hungry and could never get enough to eat. That was that.
"Oh boy, where am I going to eat?" he thought as he walked down the city streets.
"Excuse me, but what are you doing?" a voice asked.
Rolly turned around and completely forgot what was on his mind. There in front of him was a pretty cute cocker spaniel pup with fluffy ears and honey brown fur. She had dark brown eyes with a white collar around her neck.
"E-e-excuse me?" Rolly asked.
"I asked, what are you doing?" the pup said.
"G-going to get something to eat." Rolly said with a smile trying to hide the blush on his cheeks.
"Oh. Cool. Can I come?" she asked.
"I don't see why not." Rolly said with a tiny smile. Glad to have some company.
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Operation: Takes Two 4 trouble
Operation: Takes Two For Trouble
London England: 2 days earlier.
Big Ben struck eleven o' clock pm. The light sound of rain could be heard against the windows of the houses and of the white mansion. No one was paying attention to the rain though. Inside the mansion was decorated finely. A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling casting a rainbow of colors on the ballroom floor. There were tons of happy dancers on the floor, laughing and waltzing with their loved ones. It was a happy night despite the weather. Two women were at the back of the room talking, they were dressed as the high status normally were but they wore grim expressions on their faces as they drank their champagne.
One of them had blond hair that was tied in a bun with blue chopsticks holding in place. Her dress was lovely and would appear to most as exotic and that normally meant expensive. It was a black kimono with a white butterfly pattern that seemed to fly towards her right shoulder. This woman had pur
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Road to Gold: Already Over
Already Over
Astrid tossed and turned in her sleep, she found it impossible to find a good dream that night and now it was even worse. The flames engulfed her causing it harder and harder for her to breathe.
"Mom! Dad! Where are you?" she yelled. "Mom! Dad!"  more flames started to engulf the house. Astrid had to get out of there. But what about her parents? Where were they?   Why weren't they answering her?
"Mom! Dad!" Astrid cried tears coming to her eyes as she tried to search the house. She tripped on something and ended up on the ground. Picking herself up she looked at what she had tripped on and took in a sharp breath. There on the ground, staring down at her were two bodies. The bodies of her parents.
Astrid awoke with sweat dripping down her forehead. She looked around her to find herself back on ground. It was just a dream. A horrible dream. The Viking girl stood up and walked outside.  She and the others were still searching for the city of
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Disney W.O.W Shani and Marie
Friendship through time
Kiara, also known as Shani padded through the neutral territory. The border between the outlands and Pride lands. Her mind was still thinking about Marie and hers friendship. Did it still last? She wasn't sure anymore.
'Why did you leave Marie?' Shani thought with a glance up at the stars. 'I thought we were friends.'
She stopped and glanced up. There sitting on the grass was a small human. A human was allowed on this territory but that did not give Shani the chance to trust her. Humans were the enemy. Yet, there was something about this human that looked different. Blond hair tied with a black bow with a skull on it. She was wearing a dark red gothic dress and black shoes with skulls for buckles. In her hands was a white staff that had a glowing pink orb and inside was a white butterfly that seemed to move.
'She looks sad…' Shani thought and walked over to the girl slowly and carefully. "Excuse me…are you okay?"
The girl's face snapped up and gazed at
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Disney W.O.W Lightning X Dixie
May I have this Dance?
A boy with orange ratty hair came into the room. He wore a black leather jacket with a white shirt underneath with dressy black pants. On his fingers were black fingerless gloves with flames on the front. The room he was in was a ballroom, what gave it away was the crystal chandelier that hung from the ceiling.
"Yo, Lil' Lightning what's up?" a familiar voice said. The boy known as Lightning turned to see a boy with black hair with dark skin smiling at him.
"Nuka. I see you are here." Lightning laughed. "Enjoying the party?"
"Yup, it's a bet weird having some of the heroes here though, but I guess that's what truces are for." Nuka replied.
Lightning had to agree that this was a bit weird. This was the one time that perhaps the heroes and villains got along. It was also weird that most of them were human. Nuka, him, Shani, and many of the others.
"See you later Lightning." Nuka said and walked off into the crowd of people.
Lightning gave him a salute and walked in
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Disney W.O.W Patch X Marie
Need You Now/Broken Heart Dance
Patch walked away from the camp in the middle of the night looking for some alone time. He did not want to wake Angel or his sister to talk to him about how he was feeling. He had that feeling again. That feeling he always got when thinking about his time with her. The girl that had changed him in every way. The girl who had broken his heart. The girl named Marie.  He trudged along the way his tail and ears perked up to alert him of anything at all that could harm him. He looked up and saw the full moon rising over the lands. He smiled and sat down and stared at  it. The stars were shining brightly over the night sky. Patch could have sworn that he could see the familiar face of Marie as a human in the stars. He shook his head causing his license to jingle, it was a trick of the light. He stood up and started walking again.
Marie Bonfamile stared up at the stars outside Notre Dame. For the past few days she had been feeling different.
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Are there any voltron legendary defender roleplayers out there? I have been wanting to roleplay some botherly situation with Keith and Shiro. If anyone is interested comment below. Also i didn't know if people would want to see a list of things i am willing to roleplay as far as series go?  It might not have a lot on there, (I haven't seen a lot of anime as much as my friends have) but hey it could help

Mainly this is for to look for Voltron Roleplayers so if you aren't intersted ignore XD



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